The hazards faced by digital nomads – post Covid-19.

The life on a go world.

When we talk about digital nomad life style ,we all start thinking of the most flexible life of working anywhere at your own terms but the reality of this lifestyle few share it .

The coming of covid-19 has hit the digital nomad community with are storm of disadvantages because much has changed from the normal way digital nomads used to live into being controlled now by the new normal indirectly brought by the coming of the pandemic but also the coming of Covid-19 facilitated the widespread adoption of remote working.

There are various things that have changed in the lives of those working remotely and digital nomads in general which include, accidentally getting stuck in countries ,battling with visa issues for those In foreign countries,mental issues,shortage of remote work and many more . As are digital nomad personally, I have brought together the disadvantages of being a digital nomad -post Covid19.

1. Visa issues .

Starting from my personally experience, when covid19 broke out globally ,I was stuck in are country I would never wish anyone to get stranded in due to there visa issues . From the beginning of covid-19 so many remote workers and digital nomads globally have been forced to even apply for residential visas in countries where they are until when borders open again for travel and tourism. During these times of covid-19, there various countries that are now attracting the digital nomad and remote working community to there countries by introducing a digital nomad visa that always you to stay in that country when working online for a certain longer period than the normal tourist visa . Related: Countries opening up for digital nomads

2. No Guaranteed Income earning .

Cashing into savings fish pot.

If you work as a freelancer or run your own company while traveling the world, your income is hardly ever guaranteed. You might have many clients or customers for the first couple of months, and then hardly any in the months after. It all depends on your acquisition and networking skills and a bit on your luck, too.

3. There is Hard work involved

Another one of the biggest disadvantages of being a digital nomad is that the working part is not always as easy as it looks like. Just because you get to travel the world and work from wherever you want, doesn’t mean that you have a passive income. Especially when you first start out there is usually much to do. You often have to work 7 days a week, public holidays or weekend don’t exist. Your working hours can sometimes be way longer than in your former 9-

Many digital nomads work 50+ hours a week. Especially in the beginning, it is much hard work.

4. Self-Motivation

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If there are no fixed time frames when you have to do your work and no set place for it, it sometimes can be hard to motivate yourself. Especially, when you are currently at a beautiful tropical beach and could as well go for a swim, tan in the sun or sip cocktails at a bar. But, as we just learned, the digital nomad lifestyle is not only fun but also hard work. So discipline is one of the essential skills of a nomad.

5. No Paid Holidays

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Talking about hard work again. Another one of the disadvantages of being a digital nomad is that you don’t have any paid holidays anymore. If you don’t work, you don’t earn anything. Sure you can go on a 2 weeks’ vacation to Italy. But your income will go down to 0 during that time. Of course, this strongly depends on your type of work and contracts. But most of us can say goodbye to paid days of absence.

What to do: If you are a freelancer, your chances are very small that your clients would agree to paid vacations. After all, that’s one reason why they’ve hired a freelancer. All you can do is save up enough money, so the 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 2 months’ vacation won’t hurt your bank account too much. Or, even better, build a work-life-balance of which you won’t need a holiday from. Or at least where you don’t mind working a little bit every once in a while during your holiday.

Or, even better, build a work-life-balance of which you won’t need a holiday from. Or at least where you don’t mind working a little bit every once in a while during your holiday.

6. No fixed Workplace

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Having no fixed or fully equipped office is a great advantage to the digital nomads.But at the same time, there are some downsides to it. Yes, the image of lying in a hammock all day with your laptop seems to be heavenly. But after a while your back gets sore. The internet connections might be terrible at some remote places and don’t even get me started with the glare and the sand while sitting on a beach. These tiny things can soon become very frustrating and reduce your productivity.

What to do: As soon as you arrive in a new city, try to find places with good wi-fi and seating areas. Maybe your AirBnB / hostel / hotel is a good place to work. Maybe there is a perfect café somewhere. Or even better: a co-working place!

If not and you have to work from the couch or an uncomfortable common area, make sure to plan some time to get up and stretch or go for a walk. Maybe start doing yoga which can help your sore and stiff muscles.

7. Communication

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Not having a well-equipped office also means that the interaction with your clients can be hard sometimes. Phone calls are usually expensive. Skype calls with bad internet connection are a nightmare. Apart from that, it is often easier to see someone in person and explain or discuss something, than to send them 10 emails or to make 5 phone

What to do: If the wi-fi in your current country is unreliable, see if you can get a better working mobile broadband device. Agree on regular phone/online calls so you know when you definitely need to have a working connection. Make sure to keep your meetings to a professional standard to make the most of your remote communication, e.g. structure meetings with an agenda or take minutes.

8. Social Life

Probably one of the biggest disadvantages of being a digital nomad for most people is the fact that you don’t get to see your family and friends as much as you want to. You might be missing out on important events because you can’t come back every single time. Of course, you can still call and facetime them. But it’s still not the same as being there and giving them a hug.

Plus, every time you leave, you have to say goodbye to your loved ones, which can be very hard.

What to do: Ask your family and friends to plan ahead and let you know the dates when they want to celebrate your best friends’ bachelor’s party or that epic summer-hiking-trip. This might allow you to plan your return flights accordingly. Exchanging photos of what you and they are currently doing also helps to still feel like “a part of it”.

9. Relationships

Living a nomadic life can also be very challenging for your relationships. If you are single, it’s hard to build up something when you know exactly that you have to leave again soon. If you are in a relationship and your partner has a “normal” life somewhere far away, a distance relationship can be a nightmare.

Even if your partner is a digital nomad, too, and travels with you, your relationship can be hard. You have to make new decisions every day and experience extreme situations, that might not be beneficial for your partnership.

But though there a couple of ways you can solve this starting by checking. On digital nomad dating apps,checking out co-working spaces to mingle with fellow nomads and if lucky one or two times you can end up with your match who you can explore with.

And traveling together with your partner can be very exciting. Make sure to talk about where you want to go and all of your expectations and plans for the new place. Take your time when traveling and use it as an opportunity to grow further together.

Keeping a relationship as a digital nomad is anything but easy.

10. Starting All Over

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Moving around a lot also means that you constantly have to say goodbye to people, places or routines. Wherever you go, you have to find a new place to live (or at least to stay for a few nights). You also have to find new friends all the time or else you will end up lonely and Bored. Assignments and jobs also tend to change often. If you are a person I gets easily attached to these kinds of things, you might struggle with the new environment.

Take your time! Don’t rush from one place to another. Some of us need more time to acclimatise, get into a routine where you are able to work and make new friends. Co-working and co-living places are a great starting point to meet many like-minded people who are also able to give you plenty of tips and help you getting started again.

11. Possessions

Since you are now a more or less full-time traveler, you will have to carry all of your belongings with you. As always when it comes to packing: the lighter you travel, the better. That also means that you have to focus on the bare necessities and constantly life out of your backpack or suitcase. This is just one of those disadvantages of being a digital nomad that you can’t avoid and have to life with. Check out: Travel tips for Long term Travel and gear

Take clothes with you that you can combine to get many different outfits. Bring pieces that are easy to wash and dry. Structure your backpack or suitcase so it’s easy to find stuff. Treat yourself to some new outfits every once in a while and dispose of old and worn out ones. Don’t bring too much paperwork (insurance policies, printed visa etc.) with you, but see what will do as a digital version.

12. Daily Challenges

Although the traveling part sounds amazing, there are also many challenges this lifestyle brings. How about food-poisoning or language barriers? Stolen passports or missed flights? There are many small struggles you will experience as a digital nomad. These things can be very frustrating, time-consuming, or expensive. Related: DIGITAL NOMAD LIFE STYLE ¿ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES.

But, of course, sometimes you can try as hard as you like, things like that just happen. It’s important that you don’t panic, but stay calm, focused and friendly (that does wonder sometimes!). Everything will work out.

But as we all trying to cop up with the new normal that was introduced into our lives due to the outbreak of covid-19, Until then all is vaccinated and we see the end of this dangerous disease,remote workers and digital nomads globally are on a high increase and that comes with both advantages and DX

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