20 indegenous African tribes to visit 2020 – Backpacking Africa

while backpacking Africa, i have come to realise that there very many number of Tribes / ethinic groups in Africa that many people dont even know they exist due to the reason that few or no one has ever given them a chance to shade a light on where they are,who they are,or how they even look like.. Personally i came to realise this during my 2019 backpacking trip through East Africa where i decided to go deep down to the local level so that i can purely understand the diversity between indeginous and modern people in Africa by class … Continue reading 20 indegenous African tribes to visit 2020 – Backpacking Africa

Backpacking Laos on budget – 2020 guide.

PACKING LAOS: A 3-WEEK ITINERARY—WHERE TO GO, COSTS, AND TIPS Disclosure: Where in the World is Nina is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program as well as other affiliate programs, designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites at no extra cost to you. Laos is arguably one of the most underrated countries in Asia and maybe even the world. Hidden in the shadows of big sister Thailand, the ever famous Bali, Vietnam’s rice fields and beaches, and Cambodia’s ancient temples… Laos is often totally forgotten about while … Continue reading Backpacking Laos on budget – 2020 guide.


Since 2014 when i started my hobbie of traveling around the world as a backpacker and then later as fulltime digital nomad/photographer, Rwanda has always come up in my each yearly list of countries to visit but for soe reason it ended up always being sideline. But though this occasionally happened, my love for visiting this country that truly owned not only one but many unexplainable reasons n why i fall in love or fascinated about it never stop untill last week when it finally happened and i had to travel there . The Republic of Rwanda is the country … Continue reading BACKPACKING RWANDA 2020

16 DAYS IN VENEZUELA 2019- What is like for real?

During my recent 16-day visit to Venezuela I had a host of people asking me “What’s it like ‘for real’?” I’m still getting asked that since my return. Party border: A view of the crowds at the Colombian-Venezuelan border near San Antonio. Here, I want to describe things from the point of view of entering the country overland as a tourist, which is effectively what I did. Visa issues in Colombia meant I had to do a border-run and while I could have opted for Ecuador, Venezuela appealed far more to the adventurer/journalist/reporter in me. From that perspective it was … Continue reading 16 DAYS IN VENEZUELA 2019- What is like for real?