Digital nomad guide to Zanzibar island 2021.

If you were traveling and working as a digital nomad during and before Covid-19Pandemic and you happened to spend the all 2020 in one location, you’re probably sick and tired of the same vibe unable to comprehend what was happening and how to deal with the pandemic you have decided to look for a location and move again, Trust me I was in this situation too!

In these times when the whole world is struggling to cope with the outbreak of Covid 19, Companies turning to remote working , A lot of Digital nomads have started digging deep into locations globally that are affordable for any remote worker, great environment, security and internet reliability. 

Taking a selfie. while at one of Zanzibar archipelago islands called Niemembe

So locations like Zanzibar have of recently continuously come up on top of the digital nomad listings of 2021 as locations where location independent workers can resettle and work from there thanks to the Tanzanian Government that has opened up its doors to international visitors in the times when many have had to close their borders due to fears of high spread of covid-19. In this Guide you will get to learn why Zanzibar Island has become also a digital nomad globally location and you will be introduced to everything you need to know about working as a digital nomad in Zanzibar. Read More. Travel Guide to Zanzibar Island.

East Coast Of Zanzibar Island.

Unguja, also known as Zanzibar Island, is the main island in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar lying 22 miles (35 km) off the coast of east-central Africa. In 1964 Zanzibar, together with Pemba Island and some other smaller islands, joined with Tanganyika on the mainland to form the United Republic of Tanzania.

Each island has its own unique cities from the enchanting Stone Town capital, to the northern city of Nungwi covered in swiming tourists, to the southern city of Paje and its amazing restaurants. This gorgeous string of islands is the land of sultans, palaces beaches and spice-filled markets. Once an important trading center for both slave traders and other merchants, many restorations have been done in recent years to restore Zanzibar to its ancient grandeur, earning its capital city Stone Town a UNESCO World Heritage status in 2000. 

The digital nomad society on Zanzibar Island has not yet that grown into a big think if you are to compare it with Changu Island, Bali, Lagos Portugal or other Digital nomad Locations but trust me on this, digital nomads and remote workers are diving into the Island day by day and surely in 5 year, it will turn into also a Digital nomad Hot spot.


My Love affair with Zanzibar was not planned after spending 7-9 months living alone in an on and off Covid-19 lockdowns situation in Georgia, I was looking for something new and laid back after the fatigue that I encountered after spending the whole 2020 in one location unplanned due to inability to travel somewhere else different like to my beautiful South East Asia, Caribbean and south American Countries.

Zanzibar has SO much to offer digital nomads and other kinds of travelers from Year round tropical sunshine, a low cost of living and a thriving digital nomad community each and every day, it really does tick all the boxes for a rising digital nomad Hot Spot!

 Full of color and charm, endless beaches, cliffs and caves, world famous kite surfing zones, Snorkeling and amazing food. English and Swahili languages are widely spoken on the Island and the Digital Nomad lifestyle is embraced, the locals are friendly and welcoming to people from all over the world.

Wedding organised by Eco&culture tours Zanzibar

Finally made it to Zanzibar Islands, the paradise destination where the old Arabic architecture and influence rubs shoulders with modern civilisation, Stone town is ancient city with narrow and winding streets full of gift shops at all corner-its more than just an old town.

After years of dreaming, I spotted some cheap flights to Tanzania, snapped them up within minutes, and began to plan my getaway to the Spice Island.

Travelling through the corridors of Stone Town.

To get to Tanzania, I Bargained a flight from Georgia Tbilisi to Turkey and also another cheap flight which was from Ankara to Dar es Salaam with Turkish Airlines for $491. As always my recommendation is to keep an eye on SkyScanner and Cheap Flights to give you are balance on available cheap deals around the world. So getting to Tanzania doesn’t have to break the bank or falling into your uncle’s savings. If there’s nothing listed on both sites head to Flight Compare next — it’s what I use to book my flights.

If your flight takes you into Dar es Salaam rather than to Zanzibar, you can opt to take a ferry that will cost you from $25 – $50 for East African citizens, $35- $60 for non-residents and other international citizens operated by Zan Fast ferry and Kilimanjaro Fast ferry, so flights to and from the island are operated by FlightLink, Coastal Aviation and more, so you can pay up to $100 each way with them.


Camera Rolling.

If an estimated population of 1.5 million people, Zanzibar is almost entirely Muslim making up 90% of its general population with a small Christian and indigenous minority. As you explore this mysteriously enchanting area, remember you are still visiting a largely Muslim community and when Prayer Time reaches, Shops will stay closed when locals head out to the Mosque – meaning you will have to wait until they get back to do your shopping.

Security in Zanzibar quietly high compared to the mainland city Dar Es Salaam and other African Islands and Countries together making it 90% safe for any traveler to move through at any period of time whether night or day thanks to its working CCTV system that is installed not only throughout its capital Stone Town but also around the all Island and also what makes its more safer, are the warm hearted Zanzibarian People that are always there to help you freely in case you lost or need reliable info about where you are.

NB. Please don’t accept to pay money/bribes to security personals or individuals who may ask it in exchange of their service which is unprofessional and also an offence.


Art pieces on displace in stone town, Zanzibar.

Swahili language is widely spoken through the all island though also English is spoken being Zanzibar island is a tourist Hub. Swahili words like ‘’Jambo Bwana” , I reckon it’s impossible to spend any time on Zanzibar without hearing this earworm! And it means HELLO. I truly recommend you to quick learn some few Swahili words like,

1. Unasema Kiingereza?  Means do you speak English?

2. Hapana means No.

3. Tafadalhi (please)

 4. Asante sana (thank you very much) 

 5. Karibu (you’re welcome)

  6. Sielewi (I don’t understand)

   7. Kidogo (a little bit)

    8.  Safi (good) or just Sawa (okay) 

     9.  Bia baridi (cold beer)!

      10. Mambo meaning Hey, Powa meaning Good

        If those words and more you will learn everyday only if you accept to.   Visiting Zanzibar and navigating around the Island will be much relatively easily more than one who know not even a single word called Powa.

Rocking Nungwi beach with Masai.


Personally because am also a holder of an East African Ugandan Passport, I didn’t need to pay or secure a visa prior my arrival to the Island but keep in mind that some countries their citizens may need to secure a visa prior their arrival day through Tanzania’s Official Visa Website which may cost around $50 and other nationals are eligible for a visa on arrival.. All tourists can stay on a tourist visa for 3 months and incase of extension, in some instances you may need to fly out and come back again or maybe extend at the immigration office on Zanzibar Island.

photo credit. The Citizen Tanzania.

NB. It’s always best to make your own research about what visa you may need before you travel to Zanzibar or its better to consult from the nearest Tanzanian Embassy next to you.


Zanzibar Island  being that its part of the Main land Tanzania, the currency widely used is Tanzania shillings but in most cases only on Zanzibar Island, some businesses tend to also accept dollars being that most times things a sold both either in dollar or shilling basing on what you may currently have in your pocket. The exchange rate of a dollar to Shilling is, 1 United States Dollar equals

2,319.36 Tanzanian Shilling.


Equipment And Machines At The Empty Modern Gym Room. Fitness Center. Toned image.

Zanzibar is rife with 4 star Hotels, hostels, gyms and spas that can be found everywhere around the island. Soccer is one the main sports played on the island, you will see it being played in the village pathways, soccer grounds that are spread around the island and on the beach. Locals will almost certainly let you join in.

Soccer game at Jambiani Beach. Photo credit to Fstoppers.

Hands up to Zanzibar’s Health Sector which is so straight forward and reliable to both locals and internationals which you wouldn’t expect to see on a tiny island like this thanks to hospitals like Mnazi Mmoja Referral Hospital which Acts as the main hospital there, Takashata Global Hospital , Al Rahma Hospital and many more. As a reminder, Zanzibar isn’t that much a malaria hotspot Compared Malawi or other locations, but I truly recommend you to travel with both a travel mosquito net and a mosquito repellant just in case you may need them.


The cost of living around the island for a digital nomad is 100% different for the one living on the mainland Capital Dar Es Salaam and the all Tanzania at large.

The total cost of living as a budget digital Nomad is around $1057 in Zanzibar. The average rent in Zanzibar for a one-bedroom apartment in the city Centre is approximately $280 per month, and utilities cost around $93 a month. Other costs will be around $229 including markets, transportation, restaurants, and sports and leisure for one-person but please keep in mind it all depends on your personal budget ,where you want to live and how long you want to stay plus also your Haggle ability because even you can live more cheaper that this.

This makes Zanzibar Island slightly more expensive but manageable to live on only if you live as a budget digital nomad ,in that way you won’t have to break any bank. All prices listed below are based on my personal experience here in Zanzibar and also other traveler’s experiences I have got to ask here. So by the time you travel to Zanzibar, the prices may be the same or have relatively or slightly changed.

Costs Summary.
As for expenses, here’s a bit of a summary:

  • Meal at an established hotel or restaurant – $ 3 -10
  • Street food or a meal at a local restaurant – $ 1-2
  • Bottled water – $0.50
  • Coca Cola at an established hotel or restaurant – $3.50, street price $1
  • Internet bundles if you a digital nomad I recommend you buy from $5
  • 1GB for 3days, 5 – 6 GB of 3G internet expiring in a week, $10 of 10- 15 GB expiring in a month  and more but all depending on how you use them. So buy what works out for you and also I recommend you to buy Halotel Simcard or Zantel if you want stable network.
  • Renting a bicycle for a day – $ 5
  • Nightclub entry (if they happen to charge entrance) – $ 5
  • Beer – $ 2-3
  • Public transportation – $ 1 or less
  • Taxi (airport to South East Coast) – $ 30-60 or cheaper once you haggle where in Stone Town or around the Island.


Seafood display at Forodhani Night Market.

While meal prices in Zanzibar can vary, the average cost of food in Zanzibar is TZS34,288 per day at established Eat Outs like Hotels and restaurants based on my experience here and also for other previous travelers, and the average street cost is TZ20000 all as a budget digital nomad.

When dining out an average meal in Zanzibar should cost around TZS13715 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner thanks also to most accommodation facilities here that offer breakfast throughout your stay at their premises. The price of food in sit-down restaurants in Zanzibar is often higher than fast food prices or street food prices.

Zanzibar Mix Called Urojo.

With all the cultures passing through Zanzibar, the food reflects that. You really can find any dish you’re craving including Zanzibar’s common dish called UROJO. While there, though, be sure to take advantage of the amazing seafood selections like crab claws, Shawarma , Zanzibarian Pizza , calamari steaks, shrimp on a stick and coriander-spiced tuna from the Zanzibar Night Food Market that takes place every day at Forodhani Gardens, Stone Town.

Alcohol Budget in Zanzibar
Zanzibar Local Beers.

Average Daily Costs

  • The average person spends about TZS14216 on alcoholic beverages in Zanzibar per day. The more you spend on alcohol, the more fun you might be having despite your higher budget as long as you drink responsibly.


    The accommodation costs around Zanzibar depending on what type of accommodation you would like to rent from Hotels, AirBnBs, Hostels, and Guest Houses to Apartments. As a digital nomad, we always have a list of things that we look at when choosing room, Villa or Full Apartment to stay in whether we on a short stay or Long term and that may include access to public transport, reliable internet connection, Electricity and many more. NB. Prices tend to change according to the season you have gone there or even also the way you haggle around.

  The prices below are depending on my personal experience here in Zanzibar plus also from other travelers I have asked here.

            Hostels. From $9 per night, my recommendable hostels in Zanzibar, stone town include (market backpacker’s hostel, zlife hostel, Mamdali Hostel), Paje hostels include (Drifters Zanzibar, Your Zanzibar Place, Sunny House Paje ii) and in Jambiani ( New teddy’s on the beach, and many more.

Zlife Hostel Room.

            Hotels. The hotel prices also vary on various reasons from the class of the hotel, low or high touristic season and also your haggle on site ability if possible. But the average price of a hotel in Zanzibar is from $21 to up. Hotels located in Zanzibar include, Seeyyid Hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar Serena Hotel, Zanzi Resort Hotel, The Palms Hotel, Thembo Hotel, Melia Hotel, Bahati Villa and many more you will find.

Zanzibar Queen Hotel room.

Apartments. Same also when it comes to apartments in Zanzibar, the prices vary on the location of the place, season and also how long are you planning to stay at the place whether short or on a long-term basis.

The costs below are based on my personal renting experience here and also from fellow expatriates but remember if you on a tight budget, you can even get more cheaper deals than this if you can navigate around with some local help.

Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre1,183,763.50TSh ($510)
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre791,182.83TSh ( $341 )
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside the city Centre1,216,666.67TSh($524.57)
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in the city Centre1,445,806.50TSh ($623.37 )

  AirBnBs & Villas

Clove Island Villa Resort

        Both these accommodation types on Zanzibar Island can be rented cheaply if you are to start more than just one night like from 15days to a month or more. Accommodation per night starts from $18 and up depending where you are, time of visit and sometimes your bargaining skill like Clove Island Villa and more.


Getting around the Zanzibar Island is so easy thanks to the dala dala, Scooters, Boda bodas or all other available transportation systems here on the island. Transportation sector is quite accessible at all angles according your personal budget expenses from Public transportation to Car Hire. The easiest and cheapest way to travel around Zanzibar is by dala-dala, or mini buses. They operate much like taxis and are available to hire and they cost around $1 or some times less depending on the length of the journey.

Nungwi to Stone Town Mini Bus.

The cost of a taxi ride in Zanzibar is significantly more than public transportation. On average, you can spend around TZS234567 per person, per day and also renting a car is always an option in Zanzibar costing from $25, take precautions when selecting a rental car service, however. Many of the cars are between 15 and 20 years old and aren’t regularly serviced. Since backup or exchange services aren’t typically offered, should the car break down or need repairs, they will be your responsibility. Another option is Renting a Scooter per day which may cost around $18 or a Bike which may also cost you around $15 but the most duration you rent a bike or scooter, the more relatively cheaper it will become.

Also, if you do decide to drive yourself around, please always move at least with a copy of your passport and international driver’s license just in case you may find police check points along your way to some places around the island

NB. Please always haggle around because they tend to rocket rise the prices once they fell like you totally no nothing or seem to be loaded with cash.


Emerson Tea House.

Since tourism is the bread and butter of Zanzibar, start-ups come in the form of small businesses tied to the industry. Hence, there are no official co-working spaces to horn a vibrant start-up ecosystem. As a digital nomad, at first I really had hard time to find a right place to do my online assignments until later I found an internet café located inside a postal office along shangani street, Stone Town and I was always paying $4 per day.  If you are looking for a place to work from, you would have to choose a hotel or a café.

The Rock restaurant Zanzibar.

For places where you can work through the sunset, it is better to go to established hotels. Though they will be pricier they come with fantastic views of the ocean and back-up generators for whenever electricity goes out which is a usual event on Zanzibar Island. Some days when I don’t go to my usual working +space which is inside the postal office, my always alternative would be places like Cape Town fish Market, Dhow Palace hotel, Upendo Hotel , Seeyyid Hotel in Stone town and many others not mentioned.


Check out Kichanga Lounge.

Although Zanzibar’s majority population is Muslim, due to the influence of the tourism Sector night life on the island is magically alive and fun. Zanzibar nightlife options are fun and unique, and you could easily spend your evening at a laid-back beach bar in Kendwa or an up-market nightclub in Stone Town – the choices are at your fingertips.

 Some of the most vibrant Zanzibar nightlife can be found in Stone Town. Nightlife in Zanzibar can be as enticing as the cultures of the world coming together to dance, or as relaxed as watching the sun set over the ocean through rose-tinted sunglasses. It is what you make of it and this island destination caters to all. My favorite night clubs and bars in Zanzibar include 6 degrees,  Upendo bar and Tatu in Kendwa but its wise not to only stop on my list but also to explore by your own more night fun spots during your stay.                              

And on a different basis there are always different monthly and annual parties that take place on the island hence making the island life more fun and enjoyable. These include,
Full Moon Party – Kendwa Rocks in Kendwa.

Full moon party at Kendwa Rocks.

Every month you can look forward to the biggest party on the island, the Full Moon Party. Held on the first Saturday after the full moon is sighted, you can look forward to a large and crazy evening where you’re sure to have an immense amount of fun! There are taxis from Stone Town to Kendwa Rocks, so you can easily get to the party and enjoy this Zanzibar nightlife activity without having to worry about getting lost.


  •  Sauti za Busara – February at the Old Fort, Stone Town

This festival has been going strong for more than 10 years and brings together artists from across Africa to celebrate though 2021 due to the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, it has not be that much super fun due to many artists failing to travel to Zanzibar because of various travel restrictions in their countries. But always you can expect to experience the sweet sounds of 400+ artists and join in on a carnival parade too.

  • Zanzibar International Film Festival – July, Stone Town

Enjoy your vacation in July and take advantage of this one-week festival that showcases amazing films from across the world. There are also inspiring talks and other forms of entertainment throughout the week, with evening activities planned in too.

  • Jahazi Literary & Jazz festival – end of August/beginning of July, Stone Town

Spend your weekend days listening to well-known poets and book authors, and engaging in workshops during the festival. After, get ready to samba as you spend your evenings dancing away to jazz music during this Zanzibar nightlife annual event.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing things to do in Zanzibar when the sun goes down and the lights go on.

  • Go on a sunset Dhow cruise. …
  • Party Hard at Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party. …
  • Dine at Forodhani Market. …
  • Enjoy Stone Town Bike Tour. …
  • Play Beach Volleyball or Football. …
Photo Credit.

What am truly sure about concerning the night life in Zanzibar, is everyday has what is rocking in the way that you can’t fail to get served in any way you come.


    Zanzibar… It’s a word full of exoticism, a promise of paradise beaches and fragrant spices.

  1. Check out stone town.

The heart of Zanzibar’s capital, Stone Town, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site Since 2000. It was constructed during the 19th century and remains largely unchanged. Labyrinths of narrow alleys lead to palaces, mosques and old Arab houses; tiny shops sell dotted tinga-tinga paintings, Zanzibar clocks and heavily adorned chests. The early-morning market on Creek Road is fabulous, as determined Zanzibar is haggle over fragrant spices, exotic fruit and enormous fish. Stone Town has some excellent gifts shops with plenty of souvenirs and handicrafts to choose from. The City Tour is very flexible and can be adapted suit your interest and time frame. Check out ECO&CULTURE city tours.

There is a lot of carved wooden doors in Stone Town. At last count in Zanzibar, these doors were 560. The oldest door discovered in Zanzibar is dated AD 1694. When a house was built in Zanzibar, the door was traditionally the first part to be erected. The greater the wealth and social position of the owner of the house.

You will see Zanzibar’s bustling market (opened 1904), where you can see and buy tropical fruits and spices. From there the tour takes you to the Anglican Church built by Bishop Steers in 1874 on the site of old slave market. You will see a tiny and dingy room where slaves were kept before reaching the auction table. This Walking tour you can either do it allow or a tour Guide and remember getting lost in Stone Town is a sure deal which is part of Fun.

Stone Town is an easy place to explore on foot. You never need to travel by vehicle and indeed it’s virtually impossible to get around the alleys in any other way than on foot – though determined locals wobble through on bicycles, and more recklessly on the occasional motorbike. You should be aware that Stone Town can be noisy and there is nowhere to stay where we can guarantee silence. Five-times-daily calls to prayer from the mosques (including at dawn, and two hours before dawn), along with the hustle and bustle of town, are part of everyday life here. It’s a lively, vibrant atmosphere, but don’t expect tranquility.


Out side the Old fort In Stone Town.

This is exactly what the name says it is! Take a look around a unique piece of history .This is an old fortification built by the Omani Arabs in 1699.  It is also one of the oldest buildings in town.

I was chilling inside the old fort, Stone Town.

A more recent addition to the fort is an open-air amphitheater where you can watch local shows or other events. You can ask at the tourist information desk at the fort if there are any upcoming events that could fit into your Zanzibar travel plans.

Zanzibar Slave Museum.

Besides its beautiful and colorful streets that welcome you during your arrival, Zanzibar has its dark past history that still moves on dating back in the old days of Slave trade where it acted as a market for a thousands of various Africa Slaves. This market was the last functioning slave market in the world and it only closed in 1873.  Although this might seem like a bit of a downer, it’s an important part of the history of the region and learning it can at least give you a picture of what exactly happened in the 18TH centuries. Book a Tour with ECO&CULTURE TOURS


To get an idea of how modern Zanzibaris live, This tour can be done best if you book it with Eco&Culture Tour Company because it doesn’t work out if you do it alone without a guide. The village is located at the northern tip of the island and is renowned for its beautiful beach; and for its boatyard where artisan shipbuilders create traditional dhows. On the tour, you’ll get the opportunity to speak with the yard owner, who will explain how the wood is sourced and shaped, and how these iconic East African vessels are launched into the ocean. You’ll also visit the Nungwi fish market, where local fishermen sell their catch from the previous night. A highlight for many guests is a swim at Mnarani Natural Aquarium, a tidal lagoon full of protected sea turtles. 


For Kite Surfing Lovers, Zanzibar has your back on that.  You’ll be pleased to hear that Zanzibar is also a rewarding kitesurfing location.  The best spots are on the east coast beaches of Paje, Jambiani, Dongwe, Kiwengwa, and Pwani Mchangani. Of these, Paje (with its long stretch of white sand and choice of inner and outer lagoons) is the most famous and, therefore, the busiest. Paje and Jambiani offer the greatest selection of kitesurfing shops, whether you want to rent equipment or sign up for a few lessons. There are two main windy seasons in Zanzibar: from June to October (for the strongest winds), and from mid-December to March. Be prepared for extreme tidal ranges all year round. Book a tour with Eco&Culture Tours.


Zanzibar is not just famous for “The Rock of Zanzibar” it is famous for its snorkeling beaches. There are many beaches around Zanzibar along with some small islands and a lot of reefs which are considered by snorkelers as some of the best in the world. The water around Zanzibar is home to more than 350 species of fish. In fact, there have been many sightings of the Humpback whale very close to the beaches of Zanzibar. While snorkeling on the coast of Zanzibar you can usually see dolphins, turtles, parrotfish, clownfish, stingrays, squids etc.

 Many snorkelers have mentioned that they have witnessed whale sharks at very close quarters. Since Zanzibar enjoys tropical climate, snorkelers can snorkel all year round. Generally snorkelers love to snorkel during the July to September period or during January-February.


Set sail on a traditional dhow for a half-day tour of Prison Island. Located roughly 3.5 miles west of Stone Town, the island was once used to isolate rebellious slaves and later as a quarantine station for yellow fever victims. Nevertheless, the prison for which it is named has never housed a convict, and today the island is most famous for its collection of vulnerable Aldabra giant tortoises. The latter was a gift from the governor of Seychelles. On the tour, you’ll wander through the historic prison, meet the tortoises, and have the chance to swim or snorkel off the white sand beach.


ZALA (Zanzibar Land Animals) Park was founded as a project to help local people appreciate the value of wildlife, with funds raised by tourist visits. The park itself appears forlorn today, as more energy and emphasis goes into tours exploring local woodland, mangrove shoreline and nearby villages, by foot, bike or kayak.

Also available are van-assisted walking or cycling tours of nearby Makunduchi, taking in rarely visited caves, animist shrines and historical sites.

Zala Park is about 40km from Zanzibar Town, south of Jozani, in the village of Muungoni, on the road to Makunduchi. (Do not confuse it with Zanzibar Park, which is a zoo near Zanzibar Town.) Tours need to be arranged in advance. Some knowledgeable tour companies include Eco&Culture Tours and Alpha Royal Tours.

Honestly Speaking things to do during your stay on the island has countless because each day that rises more come up. This beautiful Archipelago has a lot to offer to Digital nomads not just its calm and welcoming environment but also what to dos are multiple and am fully sure , your free times will always be blazed by a fun activity during your stay on the island.


Zanzibar island has a good friendliest environment vibe meaning meeting up the locals is a must leave lone the beach boys and beach Boys who only go for white people for sex tourism.

Amongst all the beautiful things that Zanzibar has to offer, its people are right there in the middle of it all. They are always happy and very hospitable to visitors and tourists. It is part of their culture to always share meals with new friends though also keep in mind that not all can speak English so it’s better to travel knowing that. At a beneficial Side, I personally recommend you to honestly make some local friends during your Visit because it helps too when it comes to knowing the actual prices of different things from the tourist rocket prices charged when you traveling around the island to minimize the chases of being ripped off.

Stone town Gift Shops.


 As a digital nomad, we survive through working remotely online with the support of reliable internet. Zanzibar is not like Changu Island, Bali or other Famous digital Nomad Islands and Locations Globally meaning there many things there that are still on a low rise concerning a digital nomad life style so honestly you may find that some things may not work exactly the same way you want but if you looking for other South East Asia, South America and Caribbean Alternative, then spending some time in Zanzibar might be something for you. While there is no designated co-working space, you can work from hotel lounges and cafés. And since Zanzibar is well-connected with reliable 3G networks you could even work from your temporary ‘home anyway around while spending your free time watching Dhow sunset boats sailing off the oceans , Kite surfers , Beach boys hunting white girls for sex tourism , Sunset views at Upendo and many more .

I can’t wait to see you here!


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