CAPTION: REVOLUTION WITHIN “it’s true what they say, the revolution will not be televised” she said to me hands in his pocket both our faces to the sky i had told her that when you walk by buildings in the shadows of their jutting brimstone, when you watch them go by overhead, it’s more beautiful.”the revolution is every day.” i said. “every minute, every month, every lifetime we all have the choice to engage or not engage in the revolution of kindness and humanity. we have the power in us to contribute the the energy of our world in a negative or positive way.”it’s true what they say.the revolution won’t be televised.because the television has never told a real love starts out with one single revolution getting it’s voice. then that revolution meets three other revolutions, and then those revolutions find five more revolutions to coalesce with, and soon they all find themselves drawn to hundreds of other revolutions, all bursting to the brim in a single room, in the middle of an obliviously sleepy city.the revolution sings with a pretty voice and coats the city in warm sheets of sweet song, and she rolls over the pillow to awaken in awe to the revolution, with humbled eyes.the city remembers last night when the revolution looked so beautiful in it’s dress of vowels and consonants. they had tangoed and gone home together and the city knew the revolution was not a mad twist of fate it was destiny, not good luck, that had brought him to her feet, as he took off her shoes and placed them at the foot of the bed.the revolution had been quiet, with a secret smile, dressed in dappled yellow rays of evening sun, the revolution saw honesty in the words that swam around them as they walked home under streetlights. the conversation had all been sweet truths.the revolution doesn’t have to hide it’s skin under layers of fabric because of her beauty. the revolution is not afraid of hate, and the revolution understands how the world works, but loves like a millionaire and knows she can never go broke when there are endless possibilities.the revolution makes kindness her job, and she didn’t have to go to school to know how to be compassionate. the revolution doesn’t think in failure, she looks at money and sees paper, learns to pay her way with a currency of empathy and never counts her losses, only the lessons she has learned and the ones she has yet to.the revolution wakes the sleeping city and tells him she makes mean scrambled eggs and her coffee isn’t that bad either. she tells him to live in this moment, don’t think about past, chances and mistakes, not even the future and what is out there in it. think about now.this moment when we can be.where we can be.where anyone can be if they choose to live fulfillingly.learn to love a silence and tame the emotions that roil in your stomach. learn to put down your hands when you are feeling violent. learn to fill your mouth with goodness up to your teeth it’s amazing how grace can be so poignant, and yet go down to effortlessly. we are so easily choked by hate that this stirring feeling of calm is welcome.welcome.

you are are a piece of the revolution, wake up the city.

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