Every African child deserves a healthy start in life.

JUNE 16th 2020 #ubuntusim#photostory#ThestoryofSami Giving is not just about make a donation,its about making a difference! i love u all enjoy my Article “Access to a Child-Friendly Justice System in Africa” theme for the Day of the African Child 2020!”It takes a village to Raise a child” Remember poverty is not about being without money, but being without hope! enjoy my articleMore than 80 million African children lack access to healthy shelter, and 16 million of these children are living on the streets. This phenomenon of street children represents massive social failure as well as a violation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.A child dies every three seconds globally due to food deprivation – 10,000 children every day – but although figures show an improvement in child hunger at a global level, it is getting worse in some parts of Africa, where the problem is largely a question of political will.Nine out of 10 African children do not meet the criteria for minimum acceptable diet outlined by the World Health Organization, and two out of five don’t eat meals regularly. Liberia, Congo and Chad are at the bottom of the chart when it comes to children aged six to 23 months receiving sufficient and diverse food with a healthy frequency. They are followed by Zimbabwe, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo“Child hunger is fundamentally a political problem,“It is the offspring of the unholy alliance of political indifference, unaccountable governance, and economic mismanagement. Persistent and naked though the reality is, it remains a silent tragedy, one that remains largely unacknowledged and tolerated, perhaps because it is a poor man’s problem”How can I help hungry children and families in Africa?

  1. Pray for children and families affected by famine and hunger crises in Africa.
  2. Give to our emergency food fund. Your gift will help provide essential care to hungry children and families in Africa.
  3. Sponsor a child and many more that can be done to make a difference in justice system towards African Child,supporting political stability etc.

But we together all key players #ubuntuism we can inspire change by our does, donations , providing education ,safety, Food,Clothes and hope # we can make a difference #uandme#letmakedifference#ubuntu#Africa#hope#ssebsami#Godlove

As we celebrate the Day of the African Child this year, lets be the beacons of Change to see that African child justice system is improved and every child life Matters .

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